Anyone who lives in Lambton County knows that this region of Southwestern Ontario has amazing characteristics. Not only is Lambton County a beautiful place to live or visit, the people of this county are hard working and down to earth. They have a history of extending their hands to help their fellows.

These attributes are shared by the people of all townships in Lambton County. Through prosperous times and through difficult times, the people of Lambton County have worked together.

Each of the 10 townships - Bosanquet, Brooke, Dawn, Enniskillen, Euphemia, Moore, Plyrnpton, Sarnia, Sombra and Warwick - have unique traditions to call their own.

Bosanquet has beauty that comes from such natural surroundings as Rock Glen, the Fineries and the Aux Saubles River. Tourists travel here each year to enjoy the lakeside escape - Grand Bend. 

Brooke Township has strong roots anchored in its railway history. It can contribute much of its existence to this era. Agriculture also plays an important role in this township as is evident around Alvinston.

Dawn Township is centered in the agricultural community. When traveling anywhere through Lambton one sees much farmland. In Dawn probably has the greatest agricultural activity. Rutherford serves as home to Dawn's township office.

Enniskillen is most famous for its oil boom. No matter where one is traveling, whether it be through Petrolia or Oil Springs, one can see evidence from that era.

Euphemia Township is another that bears rural roots and is scattered with quaint little country shops. Florence and Shetland are located here.

Moore Township at one time boasted the largest population of all Lambton. This was because of its location along the river. Today several towns are located here, Mooretown, Corunna and Courtright.

Plympton is famous for its ghost town of Errol. Tales of this town can still be heard to this day.

Sarnia Township of course, boasts the biggest town in the county. Sarnia is surrounded by the beauty of both the St. Clair River and Lake Huron and is a bustling border town.

To this day, Sombra is well known for its ferry transportation to the United States. It has also become a quaint little get away along the river.

Warwick Township is known for the salt mines that used to be located there and is also known for the picturesque village of the same name.

 County of Lambton - 150 years